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Buy your psychedelic 100% mycelium psilocybin grow kit with populated substrate online: USA, UK, Canada and Europe monotub spawn to substrate ratio, Temperatures can affect the outcome greatly, and for the best results use a thermometer and incubate the substrate at between 70 - 77F. 4 about 5 inches from the bottom and 2 near the top. Picture. In Section 5, the packet loss ratio and the output rate are derived. In Section 6, theorems on the distribution of the response time are proven in two cases: for accepted packets only and for all incoming packets. In Section 7, the burst ratio characteristic is recalled and computed for the system of interest. Packet loss. The average monthly packet loss rate will be within the reference value. 0.3% or less. Average jitter. Average monthly jitter will be within the reference value. 0.5 ms or less. Maximum jitter. Ratio of maximum monthly measured jitter exceeding 10 ms will be within the reference value. Percentage at 10 ms or more will be 0.1% or less.

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